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Made in China LED Christmas tree lights inexpensive

According to the British Financial Times newspaper, published in the 23rd columnist John Gap wrote the article entitled “Christmas tree lanterns of the revelation,” the article said that globalization and technological innovation in today’s highly criticized, but as our home in China Made by the LED lights show, they bring real benefits.

British media: Chinese-made Christmas tree lights inexpensive

On the 25th, my family and I will open our Christmas present under a shiny Norman fir. The tree was sent to our London home last week. There are many ornaments and a string of lanterns on the tree.

It’s nothing unusual: many readers no doubt have the same or similar Christmas tree. However, our Christmas tree and the above decorations are not only symbols of festivals, but also how the technological innovation is steadily and quietly happening with the company’s global competition.

I got this idea a few days ago. When I was enjoying the Christmas tree, I realized that it would not have been like that, even before that time. The trees are covered with light-emitting diodes, not incandescent bulbs, and they send warm white light, more comfortable than the old LED glare blue and white.

In other respects, these lights are also better. They are cheaper – 30 meters long, 300 lights constitute the string for only £ 23 – and younger than my Christmas tree lanterns more reliable. Then the lights are in series, if a light bulb burned or bad contact, a string of lights will be black. They are also very energy efficient: LED bulbs will not be hot, you can safely touch.

This encourages me to understand more about our Christmas tree lanterns, the following is my discovery.

We bought a Christmas tree lantern from Amazon, the factors that affect my purchase are the stars in the price and customer reviews. They come from a small company called “Ansio”, Ansio is Finnish, meaning “merit” or “value”. The company founder chose the word because it sounds good, starting with A and not being used.

In 2014, three Indian-born immigrant entrepreneurs – two of them from Chennai, one from Hyderabad – founded Ansio in London, imported and sold directly to consumers home products. They start from the fan, and then expand into the field of lighting, especially decorative LED.

These partners are selected by visiting the largest trade fair in China – Canton Fair. The Canton Fair is held twice a year in Guangzhou. It is a foreign buyer with many industries in China suppliers business event.

fairy christmas lights

In Ningbo, near the industrial city of Ningbo selected three (later reduced to two) LED manufacturers, they visited the factory to ensure the quality of the product. They have a lot of options: Ningbo has a large number of LED manufacturers, while with Chinese enterprises and Japan and South Korea counterparts fierce competition, prices have declined.

Our Christmas tree lanterns shipped from Ningbo, long distance transport after customs clearance into a British warehouse, and then by a Amazon delivery to our home. Ansio’s many customer service and back-office missions are remotely completed by staff from India through the Internet. The company is small, but has a global supply chain.

Globalization is just part of the Christmas tree lantern story, and the other is technology. The American Christmas tree followed the German tradition, decorated with candels, until 1882 Edison Electric Vice President Edward Johnson in his New York home decorated with Christmas lights, to passers-by to show off the invention. Later, Edison Electric Company and another company merged into General Electric. By 1903, General Electric sold $ 12 “lights” for 24 tree lights at a price of $ 12.

The luminous LED was invented by General Electric research scientist Nick Holonik in 1962, but it only emits red light, so early LEDs were used only for clocks and calculators. 10 years ago, Philips and other companies began manufacturing blue LED, and then add the phosphor to make it white, which can provide lighting for the office and home.

LED technology has improved rapidly. Philip said that today’s diodes emit four times as much as eight years ago, while the cost per lumen dropped by a factor of 100. With the development of technology, economies of scale appear. China to develop LED lead to global production soared: our family of Christmas tree lanterns so cheap is a reason.

New technologies are often very expensive, but once the second generation, third generation, fourth generation and even new product appears, it gradually becomes a commodity, the price tends to fall to a fraction of the initial price. If the purchase of 300 GE lights in 1903 the kind of tree lights, according to the current price will need $ 3320; like we decorate too extravagant.

The quality of the LED lights has also improved. Our lights are not only safer than wiring simple incandescent, and modern LED lights can send a variety of shade, but also in the day constantly changing. When I press the button on the socket – the socket is produced in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China – our lights show seven modes, followed by flashing, glowing, flickering. We chose white, but we could have chosen other colors.

If we say what the meaning of our Christmas tree lanterns – Made in China, the name of Finland, sold by the British and Indian joint venture through the US e-commerce platform – that is the one. Globalization and technological innovation are no longer popular this year, and they are being guided by the loss of jobs and social divisions in developed economies, but they also bring tangible benefits.

We are very easy to be able to buy many things not only cheaper, but much better than in the past. If we allow, they will continue to improve. Merry Christmas!

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