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Shangri-La Hotel’s dream Christmas light color

(Christmas is not, Guangzhou Shangri-La Hotel Christmas lights have been lit up)

“This is what I heard from a friend’s mouth” celebration of Christmas “, is said to be a celebration of the church in the celebration of Christmas Festival of poetry. I am not a believer, Christmas is only a window for me to understand the Western culture, or more than an excuse for personal activities Bale. Gifts, Christmas trees, lighting, turkey, the legendary Santa Claus … … Although this holiday and we have nothing to do, but at least we can enjoy some of the distinctive exotic culture before and after Christmas, and even some small surprises. Christmas this year, a small surprise from Guangzhou, from Pazhou, from the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou – Christmas theme of the garden-style winter fun fun park.

lighted christmas star

Come here especially, did not disappoint! Shangri-La’s Christmas Theme Garden-style Winter Fun Fun Garden brings me a surprise Trio:

The first surprise: time tunnel through time and space

To Guangzhou before the Guangzhou friends repeatedly told me the best night to feel the winter fun fun park, it is best to bring the children to go. I think about it, one to take the opportunity to parent-child, and second child’s excitement of Christmas will be stronger than adults Driving from Chancheng by Ping Chau, Guangzhou around the city high speed, about 40 minutes to reach the Pearl River side of Pazhou, taking advantage of the night and his wife with the winter fun fun park.

Winter Qiao fun park layout is very thought, the door with thousands of small light “woven” has become a 10-meter-long “time tunnel.” People walking in which to feel colorful curl, as if into the time of the film tunnel, ahead of the joy of Christmas into the time. The other end of the “tunnel” is another world – a colorful garden full of Christmas fun.

The second surprise: dream lighting decorated night sky

Through the “time tunnel” into the winter Fun Fun Park, the entrance there are artificial “snow” spray, hit the side of the shrubs to make it covered with Christmas snow snow, very atmosphere! The original flowers and trees have long been decorated City fire tree Yinhua: a white Christmas tree, a flying white deer, a waterfront of the “ice bar” … … fantastic light filled the night sky, reflection in the water, reflected on the glass. Little guy excited like a bird out of the side, while twitter, while running back and forth.

Into the glass house, hundreds of small white light like the stars in the night, so that the roof turned into a bright galaxy, lifted the sky, do not know the sky is in the house? Or outside the house?

I took the son ‘s little hand, pointing to the glass roof of the “Galaxy”, said to him: “You see, beautiful?

Son is very excited, very beautiful praise. Wife minta also said with emotion: “can not think of the romantic romance again!”

The third surprise: many children feel happy

Daytime winter funny funeral garden, although there is no night dream lighting, but like a children’s ecstasy island. In addition to snow, ice bar and lighting, there are many children in the entertainment and entertainment projects, such as Mirage world, carousel, balance car experience, space stroll, self-timer park, Eagle flying, children Trolltech, mini Cableway, colorful slides, anti-bucket park and remote control speed spacecraft.

(Mini ice bar)

The most memorable number of phantom world. Still looking at 3D, 4D, 5D movies? All out! We watched in the Phantom world a new 360-degree movie, I do not know that this should be called a few D. Sitting on the dome-like viewing seat, wearing a special eye, with the music sounded, the giant seat began to turn, and my vision began 360 degrees “open” up. I watched a short film about the roller coaster experience, in the viewing process, I was a roller coaster in the people, I try to look up, wow, see the sky in the movie world! Look down, yo, really is looking at the roller coaster looking down! Free to choose the upper, middle, lower, left and right of the visual, which is 360 degrees movies and traditional 3D, 4D, 5D film the biggest difference. No matter where you look, will see the corresponding angle of the screen, very fun!

Children Trolltech is suitable for children to play with the project. Children in the inflatable giant air cushion to play together, above the inflatable slide, inflatable dinosaurs and so on, in addition to our Chinese children, there are many blonde blue eyes of foreign children also play in them. Although the language barrier, but unimpeded friends gathered in the country, they actually have a very happy together. Nationality, color, language in the world of children is not a problem.

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