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What kind of mobile phone can help you keep the most beautiful Christmas

Christmas is coming, which means that this year has come to an end, although Christmas is in fact nothing to do with China, but with the development of these years, the increase in foreigners, as well as the commercial needs of Christmas decoration has become China A beautiful landscape of the streets, especially at night, the face of such a romantic night how can you miss it, then if you want to record the most beautiful Christmas night, need to choose what kind of mobile phone to fly it?

The sensor is big enough, the night out of the noise less

For smart phones, the camera is good In addition to the phone lens and its own optimization, the hardware sensor is also very important, it affects the phone camera focus speed and pixel lift, etc., and the sensor area Big also means that the collected image information is better, so choose a larger sensor phone will make the night picture of the picture looks cleaner, less noise.

What kind of mobile phone can help you keep the most beautiful Christmas Eve

lowes christmas tree toppers

The current better sensor to the number of IMX230, and this year’s flagship PRO1 Meizu this sensor used. IMX230 sensor in addition to CMOS area larger, this sensor supports phase detection auto focus technology, compared to the traditional contrast focus, phase focus does not require repeated movement of the lens, focusing a lot of short travel, that is, focus faster, Take pictures better performance.

High pixel, quality is more to force

Mobile phone photo shoot pixel is also one of the important factors, high pixel photos not only have more picture details and more convenient to use the phone later, so there are many mobile phones will now support high-definition shooting, such as OPPOR7s support 50 million high-definition , But the high pixel is good, but the defect is also waiting for a long time to take pictures, and the picture is too large, not easy to share to the design platform.

What kind of mobile phone can help you keep the most beautiful Christmas Eve

Flip the camera to capture the different Christmas night view

And as a color or mood is very suitable for taking pictures of the time node, Christmas night required night shooting ability and quality is to determine the basic requirements of everyone using mobile phones to take pictures. But with these, may not enough, if you want to take pictures of ingenuity, you also need some unique features, such as a free stop flip camera. And this will have to mention the glory 7i, it is equipped with a 13 million pixel back-illuminated camera, can be in the range of 180 degrees to stay in any position, which means that you can get rid of the shape of the phone and the camera limit , Anytime, anywhere use different angles to shoot interesting and unique photos. Of course, in addition to creative point of view, it also has a separate camera front ISP, can significantly improve the quality of low light under the photo, reduce noise. And in the flash, the front soft light with intelligent LCD three-dimensional fill light, in the dark under the LCD screen will automatically enhance the brightness as a light source, while you can choose to fill light light, nighttime self-timer can be Quality improvement. So with the basis of the guarantee plus a unique function, what effort self-timer, shopping, when shooting long-haired Obama, on the ground shooting the most “waistline” and so on, it is easy to play Christmas Eve.

What kind of mobile phone can help you keep the most beautiful Christmas Eve

What kind of mobile phone can help you keep the most beautiful Christmas Eve

(Picture with glory 7i shooting)

For everyone to keep graceful Christmas night, everyone seems to have their own understanding. The screen to minimize the noise to keep the brightest side of the night; high-definition picture quality so that every detail can be completed. And like a thousand people will have a thousand eyes Hamlet, unique and eclectic composition, abstract perspective, in order to let you use mobile phones to shoot more personal labels, more “professional” photos, so that An ambition without losing the warmth and romantic Christmas in your memory forever.

This Christmas, how will you record this beautiful night?

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