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multicolor dimmable led string lights ge c5 led xmas lights led for house christmas decorative lights for indoor seasonal holiday with 91 led led twinkle lights

multicolor dimmable led string lights ge c5 led xmas lights led for house christmas decorative lights for indoor seasonal holiday with 91 led led twinkle lights

SKU: ge-c5-led-christmas-lights

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Light Fucntions: Chasing, Color Changing, Constant, Plusing, Twinking, Shooting star, Dripping, Motion, Animated, DimmableThe smooth round plastic covers encase led technology which uses up to 80% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Fresh aa battery(not included) can last for up to 5 days with continuously steady on lighting let along on flashing mode;

Sturdy; lightweight; bpa free; moisture proof; high temperature resistant

With a 20000 hour average life they can be used for many seasons.

Solar powered no utility energy costs and environment friendly.

Cost effective and energy efficient. the led string starry light will not overheat after many hours of usage. youcan safely touch it even after 14 hours of usage

  • Description

    Product Description

    Led String Lights icicle pathway net rope strip wreath luminaria candle bulbs lamps projector collection for christmas holidays

    Holiday Collection: Commercial, Holiday, Projection, Show, Fair, Party, Indoor, Outdoor, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Hanukkan, New Year’s

    Light Fucntions: Chasing, Color Changing, Constant, Plusing, Twinking, Shooting star, Dripping, Motion, Animated, Dimmable,

    Light Type: Incandescent, Led, Halogen, Compact Fluorescent, Fluorescent,

    Shape: C3, C5, C6, C7, C9, Dome, Globe, Mini, Noverlty, Other, Snowflake, G40, Animals, Pumpkins, Santa Claus, Snowmen, Reindeer, holiday Slogan, Ghosts, Candy Canes, Haunted Houses, Bells, Presents, 4th of July, Bulbs, Flowers, Fruit, Lantern,

    Color: Blue, Clear, Cool White, Green, Multi Color, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Warm White, White, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Brown, Crystal, Iron, Brass, Rust, Pewter, Nickel, Copper, Brushed Steel, Bronze, Stainless Steel,

    Length: under 6″, 6-12″, 12.5-18″, 18.5-24″, over 24″

    Power Type: AC electric, Battery Operated, Electric, Solar Powered, 12 volts, 120 volts, Plug In

    Material: Cast Iron, Ceramic, Crystal, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Steel, Stone, Vinyl, Wood
    Number of Pieces: 1
    Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor, Outdoor, Commercial, Party, Holidays
    Bulb Type: LED, Fluorescent
    Light Bulb Shape: G40, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, C9
    Features: Connects End to End
    Includes: Mounting Hardware, Light Bulbs, Strings, Icicles, Net lights, Strip, Rope
    Lighting Effects: constant light (no effect), twinkling
    Number of Settings: 1
    Warranty Description: 3-5 Year Limited Warranty
    Battery: no battery used:
    Lighted Length: 24 feet, 12 feet, 48 feet, 36 feet, etc.
    Cord Lead Length: 6.000 inches
    Origin: Imported: China

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    xmas lights led

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